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I like to tell folks that I was born in Georgia because I wanted to be close to my mother. To tell the truth, I have no idea why the good Lord above saw fit to place my soul in the deep South where I could be raised by loving parents and taught to be an independent, self sufficient, proud American. I believe in the Constitution as our Founding Fathers wrote it and I believe small government is good government. I love my Creator, my family, football, shooting sports and BBQ – in that order.

I have had two significant careers: information technology and newspaper reporting. Of those two, my favorite job has been that of husband and father.

For those of you curious about what I mean by the “South,” it is generally an area of the United States that runs from Virginia to East Texas. Before any of you bow up on me about what is Southern and what is not, I don’t think anyone has an iron-clad definition.

Published Tuesdays and the occasional Friday at 10:00AM Eastern time, weather permitting.

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